Appellate Court Allows Medical Expert to Testify in Indiana Malpractice Case

Gavel and Stethoscope on Reflective Table

Several states have adopted laws that require medical malpractice allegations to be reviewed by a panel of healthcare providers before a malpractice lawsuit can be filed. Construing Indiana’s version of that law, the Indiana Court of Appeals recently decided that an expert witness would be allowed to testify at trial about a theory of medical […]

Salvation Army Attorney Attacks Credibility of Retail Expert

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An attorney for the Salvation Army has attacked the credibility of a retail management expert who testified that Salvation Army executives failed in their duty to protect the employees and shoppers who were killed in the 2013 collapse of a building in Center City Philadelphia. Center City Building Collapse On June 5, 2013, a building […]

Florida Computer Expert Arrested for Lying About Credentials Under Oath

Florida Computer Expert Arrested for Lying About Credentials Under Oath

While awaiting trial on more than a dozen felonies involving sexual abuse of a child, Jason Eugene Daniels got a tip from his cellmate about an expert witness who could assist his defense. The expert, Chester Kwitowski, had testified as a computer forensics expert in other Polk County, Florida cases. Daniels passed the expert’s name […]

An Expert Witness Who Made a Difference

Attica Prison Riot

This year is the 45th anniversary of the Attica prison uprising. The most notorious prison riot in American history led to 43 deaths of prisoners and guards and triggered a demand for prison reform. A recent New York Times story reports that prison conditions improved after the uprising, although some of the reforms promised in […]

Expert Scientific Report Issues Scathing Review of Common Forensic Techniques

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Recently, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) released an expert witness report  which sharply criticized a number of widely accepted forensic methods used in criminal trials. As expert witnesses become ubiquitously integrated into the American criminal justice culture, many forensic science techniques have become commonplace in trials, and the PCAST report […]

DNA Expert Thrown Out of Court

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The DNA expert who was presented by defense attorneys in the trial of a man charged with participating in the violent beating of a gay black man was thrown out of court by a Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice. Taj Patterson On December 1, 2013, 22-year-old Taj Patterson was walking home on Flushing Avenue in Williamsburg, […]

Eyewitness Identification Experts Are Making a Difference in Illinois

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American courts have been slow to recognize the importance of expert opinions when a criminal charge hinges on eyewitness testimony. Until recently, judges tended to rule that juries understand the possibility of mistaken eyewitness identifications and that experts had nothing meaningful to add to jurors’ knowledge. Mistaken eyewitness identifications are the leading cause of wrongful […]

Blood Spatter Expert Witness Opines That Death Was Not a Suicide

Blood-Splatter Expert Testimony Challenged in Murder Trial

An expert witness at the trial of a man charged with the murder of his girlfriend has opined that the death was not a suicide. Deborah Hovestadt’s Death Deborah Hovestadt died on July 7, 2014, in the home that she shared with her 30-year-old boyfriend, Darryl Taylor. Hovestadt was found in their home with a […]