Bill Cosby Uses Memory Expert to Challenge Accusers

Bill Cosby

Defending against charges that he sexually assaulted Andrea Constand in 2004, Bill Cosby’s lawyers have asked the trial judge to decide whether thirteen other accusers who might testify against him are competent to give testimony. Cosby’s lawyer is relying upon an expert witness to suggest that the memories of the witnesses are unreliable. Charges Against […]

Expert Testimony Excluded in Second NexGen Trial

Painfull knee, person in pain

Despite its financial success, the NexGen knee implant has a troubled history. Several versions of the device, including “high flex” implants that are intended to increase the knee’s range of motion, have prompted litigation due to a high failure rate. The NexGen High-Flex Knee Replacement is a particularly controversial device that some experts, including surgeons […]

Michigan Woman’s Sleep Driving Defense Fails

Concept about driving under influence of medicines and alcohol

Kathleen Bailey of Rockford, Michigan, was found guilty of driving while intoxicated, despite her defense team’s use of experts who testified that she was “sleep driving.” The Incident On November 24, 2015, Kathleen Bailey of Rockford, Michigan, got in her car with her dog and drove from her home to a nearby Walgreen’s pharmacy drive-thru. […]

Unprecedented Lawsuits Against President-Elect Donald Trump Spark Examination of Executive Privilege

Donald Trump

Mark Rozell, an expert on executive privilege, opines on the limits of the executive privilege as it applies to President-Elect Donald Trump. President-Elect Donald Trump’s Numerous Lawsuits President-Elect Donald Trump is involved in numerous pending lawsuits, including the breach-of-contract suit against celebrity chef and Food Network star Geoffrey Zakarian and several civil cases involving his […]

Serial’s Adnan Syed Files Motion for Bail Pending Appeal

Serial Podcast

Adnan Syed was granted a new trial on the ground that he received ineffective counsel in 2000 from a defense attorney who failed to cross-examine a state cellphone expert witness on key evidence. His counsel has now filed a motion for bail pending his appeal. Syed’s Conviction In 2000, Adnan Syed was convicted of the […]

Sanctions Reversed Against Florida Expert Who Made Mistake in Affidavit

Mallet and Florida Flag

A Florida jury found James Clark guilty of causing the death of an 85-year-old woman while driving after drinking. Frank Fore, an accident reconstruction expert, was hired to help Clark’s lawyer overturn the manslaughter DUI conviction. In support of the lawyer’s challenge to the conviction, Fore prepared an affidavit expressing the expert opinion that Clark […]

DWI Forensic Expert Accused of Perjury and Mixing Up Results

test tubes with blood on a tray

Christopher Youngkin, a forensic analyst in Texas, has been accused of perjury and mixing up lab test results. Youngkin is one of the leading forensic analysts for the Department of Public Safety in Garland, Texas. The lab where Youngkin works is responsible for blood alcohol content testing and other tests in seven counties in Texas: […]

Expert Faults Police Interrogation Tactics in Newborn Murder Trial

Baby feet

A 15-year-old girl charged with murdering her newborn in California relied on an expert witness to cast doubt on the reliability of her confession. The expert questioned police interrogation tactics that have been shown to produce false confessions. Because the accused is a juvenile, press accounts refer to her as “Maribel S.” Her first-degree murder […]

Michigan Criminal Trials Highlight Expert Dispute over Shaken Baby Syndrome

Michigan Criminal Trials Highlight Expert Dispute over Shaken Baby Syndrome

Two Michigan men accused of killing infants have consulted expert witnesses to dispute allegations that the children died from Shaken Baby Syndrome. The cases, which have gone to trial, will serve as a critique of Shaken Baby Syndrome with both sides presenting experts to debate not only whether or not the condition explains the deaths, […]