Prosecutors Argue to Exclude Police Shooting Expert

Police shooting practice at a shooting range

Michael Edington is a 27-year-old police officer with the Norfolk Police Department who has been charged with the manslaughter of David Latham, who he shot while on duty. As part of Edington’s defense, his attorney, Jeff Swartz, plans to introduce an expert witness who will testify on how Norfolk officers are trained to decide whether […]

DNA Expert in Casey Anthony Case Found Unqualified to Testify


Richard Eikelenboom, a DNA expert described by media sources as “prominent,” was barred from testifying in a recent trial. Although Eikelenboom has testified in several high-profile cases, the court decided to exclude Eikelenboom’s expert opinions in a sexual assault trial in Denver. The prosecutor and Eikelenboom have differing perspectives as to the reason for that […]

Court Allows Securities Expert to Testify Over Daubert Objections

Court Allows Securities Expert to Testify Over Daubert Objections

To meet the Daubert standard of admissible expert testimony, the expert must be qualified and the expert’s opinion must be based on reliable data. When should the judge, acting as a gatekeeper to shield the jury from speculative or unfounded testimony, exclude the expert’s opinion? Conversely, when should the judge trust the jury to decide […]

Questions Surrounding a Houston Toxicology Expert Witness Raise Doubt on DWI Convictions

Don't drink and drive concept. Close up of man hand drinking beer and holding car keys. Responsibly and safety driving

Several Houston area DWI convictions have come under review after a toxicology expert witness had her credentials questioned following a recent trial. The expert has defended herself and her work, however, defense attorneys have asked the Houston DA to conduct a thorough review of past convictions and to remove her from testifying as an expert […]

Court Excludes Expert Opinion that Lead Paint Caused Neurological Deficits

Blood sample for heavy metals test

The New Hampshire Supreme Court recently affirmed a decision to exclude from evidence an expert’s opinion that exposure to lead paint caused neurological deficits in Somali children. The decision illustrates the difficulty that experts face when they apply a recognized methodology to a unique fact situation. Facts of the Case A group of children in […]

Experts Testify in “Bizarre” Art Authentication Trial

Experts Testify in “Bizarre” Art Authentication Trial

Expert witnesses played a key role in an art authentication trial that one art world publication branded as ridiculous and bizarre. The controversy involved a desert landscape that was allegedly painted by Peter Doig. The artist, known for his figurative paintings and his “revolutionary” approach to landscapes, denied that he painted the desert landscape. Robert […]

How Not to Be an Expert Witness

A courtroom

Michael West is a textbook example of the kind of expert witness most lawyers avoid. The controversial bite mark expert is, in the words of Randy Balko, “brash, prickly, and prone to fits of braggadocio on the witness stand,” as well as “belligerent, profane, and combative.” Those are not qualities that endear a witness to […]

High Profile Forensic Expert Witness Rejected due to Questionable Qualifications

DNA Expert

A DNA expert witness who has testified on behalf of defendants in several high profile trials was dismissed from a Colorado courtroom for being unqualified.  The expert’s dismissal could result in attorneys being less likely to use him, however, he argues the judge’s decision to denounce his qualifications was made in error and his expert […]

Bite Mark Expert Witness Continues to Cause Controversy

hands show molar teeth over x-ray dental scan

Dr. Michael West, the forensic expert who was best known for his analysis of bite marks, continues to cause controversy with his techniques. Most recently, his work on a Mississippi murder trial has come under scrutiny. West’s Background West is a forensic dentist, originally from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He became well known in the legal community […]