Experts Battle Over Testosterone Levels For Women In Sports

Caster Semenya

South African runner Caster Semenya won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics this year, but there are many that feel that the 25-year-old should not have been allowed to compete, arguing that she had an unfair advantage because her body produces more testosterone than the average woman. The History of the Controversy The International […]

Discarded Evidence May Lead to Dismissal of a Murder Trial

Lab Analysts May Be Required to Testify in Person in Criminal Trials

Ronald Melnik has been in jail for over 5 years awaiting trial for the shooting death of Reza Payan at a 2011 Fort Lauderdale New Year’s party. Melnik was charged with second-degree murder. His defense attorney is now seeking dismissal of that charge based on evidence that has been destroyed. Motion to Dismiss In 2015, […]

Arkansas Judge on Trial for Hot Car Death Calls Forgotten Baby Expert Witness

a judge's chair

An Arkansas judge accused of negligent homicide for the hot car death of his infant son has called a neuroscience expert witness to testify about “forgotten baby syndrome.” The expert witness accompanied emotional testimony from several of the judge’s family members in an effort to convince jurors that he was not negligent of his child, […]

Expert Witnesses Differ About Allegedly False Confession in Stark Murder

New York US State Law Legal System Concept

False confessions to crimes occur with surprising regularity. Expert witnesses, including psychologists and others with similar training, are often called upon to explain to a jury or judge why someone would confess to a crime that he or she did not commit. A man who is charged with murder in Brooklyn used an expert witness […]

Psychologist Who Falsified Evaluation to Face Criminal Charges

Choosing the Right Expert Means Asking the Right Questions

Dr. Albert Fink, the psychologist who caused a mistrial by falsifying the psychological evaluation of Caleb Loving, will now face criminal charges. An arrest warrant was issued for Dr. Fink on felony counts of obstruction of justice and theft. Trial of Caleb Loving Caleb Loving was on trial for allegedly setting fire to the Sugar […]

North Carolina Death Penalty Defendant Offers Trial Strategy Expert Witness

Gold Scales of Justice on wood table

Defense attorneys for a North Carolina man have asked a death penalty expert witness to submit a report to the trial judge which questions prosecutorial strategy in a murder trial.  The case is an example of defense attorneys using an expert witness to cast doubt on prosecution witnesses who are offered deals in exchange for […]

Oklahoma Man Turns to Psychiatry Expert Witness for Insanity Defense

Mental health word clouds concept with brain ullustration

A psychiatry expert witness provided a report that an Oklahoma man charged with murdering his father is mentally unfit to stand trial, setting the stage for a critical ruling on mental competency from the presiding trial judge.  The case has gained attention in Oklahoma because the victim was a former state official, and the defendant has […]

Expert Says That Kendel Felix May Have Falsely Confessed To Murder

New York US State Law Legal System Concept

An expert witness has testified that Kendel Felix, who is charged with the murder of a Brooklyn landlord, is susceptible to making false confessions. Marc Janoson, PhD in psychology, testified that Felix has psychological traits that make him “more likely than the average person to admit to a crime he didn’t commit.” Janoson is a […]

Minnesota Considers Switch to Daubert Standard

Minnesota Considers Switch to Daubert Standard

The movement to require judges to follow the Daubert standard when they decide whether to admit expert testimony in a trial has met with success in a majority of states. The next state to make the change may be Minnesota. An advisory committee is considering whether the Minnesota Supreme Court should replace the state’s version […]