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Experts Play Key Role in Ohio Murder Trial Involving One of Six Missing Women

It took a jury just three hours to convict Jason McCrary of the murder of Timberly Claytor. Claytor was one the six women who went missing over a year-long period of time in Chillicothe, Ohio. The story of the six women was the subject of a true crime documentary on Investigation Discovery, titled “The Vanishing Women.”

McCrary’s Defense

McCrary had taken the stand and testified in his own defense, telling the jury that Ernest “Dolla Bill” Moore III was Claytor’s killer. McCrary testified that he had met Claytor at a gas station and they agreed that he would pay her money for sex. McCrary said that Claytor asked him to drive her to a parking lot where Moore walked out of a home and asked for a ride in exchange for drugs. McCrary said that, while he was driving, Moore and Claytor got in a fight, which eventually resulted in Moore shooting Claytor.

McCrary’s trial lasted five days. Much of that time was spent with expert witnesses for both prosecution and defense.

Expert Testimony During the Trial

Defense called Detective Robert Moledor of the Cellular Analysis Survey Team to testify about cellphone towers and communications. Moledor testified about the cell phone records of two separate numbers: one with a 614 area code and one with a 740 area code. Moledor detailed the several calls coming and going from the phones on the date of Claytor’s murder and testified that the geography of the land could have interfered with the signal of the calls, causing them to be routed to a tower in a different area from where the phone was actually used.

Matthew White, firearms examiner for the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation examined the three bullets that were found in the investigation. He testified that all three of the bullets were .380 caliber, but he was unable to determine if they were all fired from the same weapon.

Todd Fortner, a BCI special agent, provided the details of the scene where Claytor’s body was found. Fortner testified about the bullet holes and blood evidence that was found on the car and that some of the blood appeared as though someone had attempted to wipe it away.

Dr. Bryan Casto, forensic pathologist for the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office, testified that Claytor had suffered three gunshot wounds to the left side of her head and a wound to her left hand. He was unable to determine the order of the shots, but noted that they occurred in close succession and were each potentially lethal. Casto also testified that the shots were fired within 1 to 2 inches of Claytor’s face.

Hallie Garofalo, a DNA forensic scientist with the BCI, testified that McCrary’s DNA was in the sperm sample that was found on Claytor’s body. Garofalo also testified that the shoes that were thought to be worn by McCrary contained samples of Claytor’s DNA.

McCrary will be sentenced by Judge Michael Ater of the Court of Common Pleas on August 12.