New Scam Targets Expert Witnesses

A new scam in the Indiana area is targeting professionals, demanding money for not appearing as expert witnesses in court. The Scam Dr. Allison Bush, a physical therapist, says that she got a phone call from someone claiming to be Sergeant Donald Gilmore from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office. The caller gave her a badge […]

Federal Advisory Committee Considers Significant Change to Rule 702

Supreme Court Building in DC

After the Supreme Court’s Daubert decision, judges may only admit expert testimony that is based on a reasonable methodology. A question that divides federal courts is whether expert opinions should be admitted if a jury could reasonably regard the expert’s methodology as reasonable even if the judge doesn’t. A federal advisory committee may soon propose […]

Guilty Verdict Thrown Out for Expert Testimony That Went Beyond Scope

Gavel and scales

The Michigan Court of Appeals has thrown out a jury’s guilty verdict and granted a new trial after determining that a doctor’s testimony went beyond the scope of what doctors may testify about in criminal sexual conduct cases. The Crime A minor child accused Ryan William Cole, 37, of sexually assaulting her three times in […]

Lawyers Claim that Prosecution Expert Threatened Witnesses

Fee Agreement

The lawyers who represent one of the Minneapolis police officers charged in the death of George Floyd claim that an outside expert prosecution witness coerced the state medical examiner to change his opinion on what killed Floyd. George Floyd’s Death On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, who was a black man in handcuffs, died after […]

Challenge to Expert Testimony Rejected in Lawsuit Against Unite the Right Organizers

Virginia court gavel

A Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville during August 2017 brought together several white nationalist groups, much to the dismay of Charlottesville residents who support the American values of diversity and equal rights for all. The groups made Charlottesville a target because city leaders planned to remove a statute of Robert E. Lee. Hundreds of […]

Medical Malpractice Sex Assault Case Fails for Lack of Expert

A patient who claims that her medical provider touched her inappropriately during an exam lost her medical malpractice suit because she didn’t have an expert witness to testify about the appropriate standard of care. The Alleged Assault and Battery In September 2016, Erica Vipond had a medical appointment with Lance Beebout, a physician’s assistant with […]

Expert Witnesses Properly Barred After Removal of Case from State to Federal Court


After a case is removed from state court to federal court, the federal rules of evidence apply. A federal appellate decision regarding a lawsuit that was filed in Massachusetts makes clear that lawyers cannot expect to be rescued by reliance on state rules when they fail to make the expert witness disclosure required by federal […]