Exxon Expert Challenges Authorities’ Claims as “Circular”

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An expert for Exxon Mobil Corporation has opined that the authorities’ claims that the company hid the financial risks of climate change are “a tad circular.” The Securities-Fraud Trial New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a complaint against Exxon Mobil Corporation, alleging that Exxon intentionally misled investors about the way it planned for the […]

Forensic Expert Should Have Been Allowed to Testify About Deleted Emails

A recent decision of the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit addressed the importance of using forensic experts when a litigant is suspected of destroying electronic evidence. The practice of deleting emails will often entitle the opposing party to a remedy. In most cases, the remedy will be an instruction that allows the jury […]

Defense Attorneys Request Approval of Sleep Deprivation Expert

The defense attorneys of a man charged with killing an Iowa woman are now requesting the state to pay for a sleep deprivation expert and that the state pay for that expert’s fees. The Killing On July 18, 2018, 20-year-old University of Iowa student Molly Tibbetts disappeared after going on a run in her hometown […]

Attorneys to Appeal Decision to Not Allow State of Mind Expert Testimony

The attorneys for a man who is accused of shooting a youth football coach have announced that they plan to appeal a trial court judge’s decision not to allow an expert witness to testify regarding the defendant’s state of mind. The Crime At around 11:20am on December 12, 2017, a shooting was reported around outside […]

NJ Tax Court Prohibits Assessors from Acting as Experts

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A New Jersey Tax Court judge has ruled that a municipal tax assessor should not have served as an expert in a case challenging the property value set by another municipal tax assessor, effectively stopping municipal experts from accepting certain side jobs as appraisal experts. The Tax Dispute A Hazlet, New Jersey property owner, VNA […]

Expert Medical Opinion Held Admissible When Expert Expresses Confidence in the Opinion

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Luzi Bartsch was injured in a car accident caused by Irma Lage. She settled with Lage and then brought an underinsured motorist claim against Geico, her insurer. Coverage was available only if Bartsch suffered a permanent injury. Two experts testified that Bartsch’s injuries were permanent. The court nevertheless dismissed the lawsuit because Bartsch’s doctors did […]