Experts Challenged in UFC Antitrust Lawsuit

Experts Challenged In UFC Antitrust Lawsuit

The phrase “junk science” is so often wielded as an attack phrase against expert witnesses that it has all but lost its meaning. An antitrust lawsuit involving the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has resulted in predictable accusations of “junk science” in Daubert motions seeking to exclude expert opinions upon which the fighters rely. The phrase […]

Fourth Circuit Upholds Exclusion of Expert Testimony in Lipitor Trial

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The Fourth Circuit has upheld a lower court’s ruling that excluded expert testimony in a multidistrict litigation claiming that Lipitor causes Type 2 diabetes. Lipitor Multidistrict Litigation Lipitor is a cholesterol drug manufactured by Pfizer.  More than 3,000 women sued Pfizer, claiming that they developed diabetes as a result of taking Lipitor.  The women claimed […]

Expert on Police-Involved Shootings Cleared to Testify in Murder Trial


An expert on police-involved shootings on officers has been cleared to testify in the murder trial of Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke. The Shooting On October 20, 2014, Chicago police officers responded to reports of someone breaking into vehicles. The responding officers found 17-year-old Laquan McDonald behaving erratically and holding a knife. McDonald did […]

High Profile Forensic Psychiatrist Killed Outside Phoenix Office


A high-profile forensic psychiatrist was shot and killed outside his Phoenix office. His death is being investigated in connection with three other shootings that recently occurred in the area. The Shooting On Thursday, May 31, witnesses described hearing a loud argument followed by gunshots near Scottsdale and Bell roads in Phoenix, Arizona. The shooter fled the […]

Classification Czar to Testify at Media Leaker Trial

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The defense team for a U.S. Air Force veteran who has been accused of leaking classified information to the media has announced that it intends to call the U.S. government’s former “classification czar” to testify as an expert at trial. The Leaked Document Reality Winner, 25, is accused of leaking a document to the media […]

Gang Expert to Testify in Beheading Trial


A Boston gang expert will be called to testify in the trial of Mathew Borges, a teen who is accused of beheading his high school classmate, Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino. The Crime On November 18, 2016, sixteen-year-old Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino went missing.  His family reported him missing the following day. His body wasn’t found until December 1, […]

Expert Witnesses Bill Over $108K in Flint Water Cases

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The bill for expert witnesses for the defense of current and former Michigan Department of Environmental Quality employees in the Flint water crisis cases now exceeds $108,000. Flint Water Crisis In 2014, the city of Flint, Michigan attempted to reduce costs by getting its water from the Flint River instead of from Detroit. Soon after […]

Tax Court Rejects Expert Report as Unsupported by Data

Tax Returns

In a recent decision, the U.S. Tax Court rejected a taxpayer’s attempt to use an expert witness to prove that the taxpayer’s computation of tax liability was proper. While an expert witness might play a role in tax litigation, the Tax Court ruled that an expert report, standing alone, cannot satisfy the taxpayer’s burden of […]