Experts Testify in Flint Water Crisis Prosecutions

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Twelve people died and at least 87 others were sickened by the outbreak of a disease in Flint, Michigan during 2014 and 2015. Many doctors diagnosed their patients with Legionnaire’s disease, a noncontagious condition with symptoms similar to pneumonia. Legionnaire’s disease is caused by bacteria that live in water. Most people acquire the disease by […]

Delaware Supreme Court Rules that Trial Judge Misinterpreted Expert Testimony Precedent


The Delaware Supreme Court has ruled that a trial court improperly excluded expert testimony and has revived medical negligence claims against a doctor and a women’s health clinic. The Lawsuit In October 2013, Amanda Norman had a laparoscopy performed by Dr. Christine Maynard at the All About Women health clinic.  In this diagnostic procedure, a […]

Expert Witness Testifies that Officer Used Excessive Force in Teen’s Death


An expert in use of police force has testified that a former Balch Springs officer used excessive force when he shot and killed a 15-year-old teen. The Shooting On April 29, 2017, police officers responded to a house party in Balch Springs, Texas, that was attended by high school aged teens.  Officer Roy Oliver said […]

District Attorney’s Expert Witness Lied About Degree


The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s office has notified defense attorneys in their area that one of their expert witnesses lied on her resume about earning a college degree. False Testimony About Background Tracy Nix is a staff member of the San Luis Obispo District Attorney’s office that has testified in court and written […]

Indiana Court Upholds Refusal to Allow Witness in Med Mal Trial

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The Indiana Court of Appeals has affirmed a jury verdict in favor for a doctor who was sued for malpractice and ruled that the trial court did not err in limiting the plaintiff’s evidence. Death of Patient On October 21, 2009, 19-year-old Jay Shaw died from cardiac arrest during a cystoscopy and stent replacement procedure.  […]

New Jersey Adopts Daubert Standard in Accutane Appeal

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The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that plaintiff expert testimony was properly excluded by the trial court in a mass tort case alleging that the anti-acne drug Accutane causes severe gastrointestinal problems.  In doing so, New Jersey became the newest state to have adopted the federal government’s Daubert standard as the law governing when […]

Gang Expert Testifies in Lake Boyz Trial

Florida Computer Expert Arrested for Lying About Credentials Under Oath

An expert on gangs and threat assessments has testified in the trial of four men accused of being members of the Lake Boyz gang in Fort Myers, Florida. The Arrest The four men who are currently on trial are James Brown, 23, Kwameaine Brown, 25, Diante Davis, 21, and Eric Fletcher, 30.  The men were […]

New Study Challenges Traditional Procedures Following Police Shootings


A new study has challenged the traditional practice of allowing an officer time to “cool-off” before giving a statement following a police shooting. Recovery Time Following Shooting Traditionally, when a police officer is involved in a shooting, the officer is given a period of time to recover before providing his or her statement.  The International […]

NJ Will Not Allow Experts to Testify About How Children Act After Sexual Abuse

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The New Jersey Supreme Court will no longer allow experts to testify about a scientific theory that describes how some children act after sexual abuse. The Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome Theory The Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome theory, or CSAAS, was proposed by Dr. Roland Summit in 1983.  Dr. Summit proposed the theory to […]