Judge Limits Cancer Expert Testimony in Monsanto Trial


A state judge will not allow a cancer-risk expert to testify about the amount of exposure to glyphosate that California has determined causes cancer in the trial over whether Monsanto’s weed killer is carcinogenic. The Lawsuit In 2016, DeWayne Johnson sued Monsanto after he developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Johnson, 46, is the father of three and a […]

Texas Paid Experts $500,000 in Abortion Law Challenges

The Texas Attorney General’s Office has spent over $500,000 on experts to defend the state’s abortion restrictions. Texas Abortion Restrictions In 2013, the state of Texas began enacting a series of abortion laws and restrictions. Texas banned abortions after 20 weeks, limited the use of an abortion drug, required doctors who perform abortions to have admitting […]

Court Limits Expert’s Testimony About Gender Equity in Student Athletic Programs

Locker Room

Several members of women’s tennis and skiing teams at Minnesota’s St. Cloud State University began a class action lawsuit, alleging that the University’s decision to eliminate those sports violated Title IX’s prohibition against sex discrimination in educational institutions. The University moved to exclude the expert testimony from Dr. Donna Lopiano on behalf of the plaintiffs. […]

Clinical Psychiatrist Questions Autism Diagnosis in ISIS Vandalism Trial


A clinical psychiatrist has testified that the behavior of a teen on trial for vandalizing a school with ISIS-themed graffiti and an attempted bombing is not consistent with his autism diagnosis. The Vandalism and Attempted Bombing Incidents On February 15, 2018, a Hurricane High School in St. George, Utah was vandalized with pro-Islamic Style Graffiti […]

Court Tosses $5.7M Award For Lack of Expert Testimony

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Supreme Court has thrown out a $5.7 million jury trial award for the agency that runs the Central Landfill in Johnston for a lack of supporting expert witness testimony. The Dispute In 2007, Michael OConnell became the Executive Director of the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation. He soon found that its accounting […]

Court Denies Nearly $1 Million in Expert Fees for 401(k) Litigation

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A federal district court in California has denied a plaintiff’s motion for reimbursement of expert witness fees in a trial over excessive fees in a company’s 401(k) plan. Lawsuit for Breach in Fiduciary Duties In 2007, beneficiaries of the Edison 401(k) Savings Plan sued Edison International and the plan’s fiduciaries, claiming that the losses suffered […]

New Trial for Woman Whose Lawyer Failed to Call Battered Spouse Expert

The Louisiana Supreme Court has ordered a new trial for a woman who was sentenced to life in prison for murder of her husband. Renaldo Curley’s Death In March 2005, Catina Curley shot and killed her husband of 10 years, Renaldo Curley, at their home in New Orleans. Curley told police that she had been […]

Former Councilman Convicted of Obstruction of Justice for Falsifying Expert Credentials

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A former councilman from Fletcher, North Carolina has been convicted of obstruction of justice after falsely representing himself as a medical doctor with additional doctoral degrees in order to provide expert testimony in court. Expert Witness Appearance Milton LeRoy Byrd, 66, appeared as an expert witness on behalf of Monroe Gordon Piland, a doctor and […]

Police Use of Force Expert Testifies in Wrongful Death Trial

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A police use of force expert has testified in the wrongful death suit against City of Chicago for the shooting death of Quintonio Legrier. The Shooting In December 2015, Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones were shot and killed by Chicago Police Officer Robert Rialmo. Officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call from LeGrier’s father, […]

Experts Challenged in UFC Antitrust Lawsuit

Experts Challenged In UFC Antitrust Lawsuit

The phrase “junk science” is so often wielded as an attack phrase against expert witnesses that it has all but lost its meaning. An antitrust lawsuit involving the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has resulted in predictable accusations of “junk science” in Daubert motions seeking to exclude expert opinions upon which the fighters rely. The phrase […]