Blood Spatter Expert Admits Conclusions Incorrect

Blood analysis

The expert whose testimony was key in a 1985 murder conviction now says that he believes some of his conclusions were incorrect. Murder Conviction of Joe Bryan Joe Bryan was convicted of killing his wife Mickey in 1985, but has always maintained his innocence.  At the time of his arrest, Bryan had no criminal record.  […]

Florida Supreme Court Rejects Expert Witness Challenge in Medical Malpractice Case

Florida Computer Expert Arrested for Lying About Credentials Under Oath

The Florida Supreme Court has allowed a medical malpractice case to move forward, overruling the decision by the court of appeal that a case should be dismissed because an expert witness was not qualified. The Patient’s Death In October 2008, 20-year-old Shunteria McIntyre of Jackson County, Florida began seeking prenatal care at Marianna OB/GYN Associates […]

Court Sanctions Lawyer for Bad Faith Accusations Against Expert Witness

USA legal system conceptual series - Illinois

A recent decision by a federal district court judge in Illinois illustrates the importance of maintaining civility in court proceedings, particularly when making statements about expert witnesses. The court sanctioned a lawyer for making a series of unsupported accusations about an expert in a bad faith attempt to intimidate the witness. Odometer Rollback Lawsuit Donald […]

Court Throws Out Digital Evidence When Experts Could Not Authenticate It

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A New Jersey administrative law judge has barred the introduction of digital evidence when experts were unable to explain how the data was collected. The Allegations The State of New Jersey filed charges against John Savadjian, alleging that he transferred “orphan” accounts, or accounts without a servicing agent, to his book of business without authorization […]

DNA Experts Provide Key Testimony in Rape Trial

Buccal DNA

Two DNA experts provided key testimony in the trial of Samuel Lee Lowry, a Pennsylvania man on trial for the rape of an unconscious person. The Incident In November 2014, a 26-year-old woman awoke in her apartment to find a naked man on top on her. The victim says that when she realized the person […]

Experts Testify in Flint Water Crisis Prosecutions

Water Treatment

Twelve people died and at least 87 others were sickened by the outbreak of a disease in Flint, Michigan during 2014 and 2015. Many doctors diagnosed their patients with Legionnaire’s disease, a noncontagious condition with symptoms similar to pneumonia. Legionnaire’s disease is caused by bacteria that live in water. Most people acquire the disease by […]

Delaware Supreme Court Rules that Trial Judge Misinterpreted Expert Testimony Precedent


The Delaware Supreme Court has ruled that a trial court improperly excluded expert testimony and has revived medical negligence claims against a doctor and a women’s health clinic. The Lawsuit In October 2013, Amanda Norman had a laparoscopy performed by Dr. Christine Maynard at the All About Women health clinic. In this diagnostic procedure, a […]

Expert Witness Testifies that Officer Used Excessive Force in Teen’s Death


An expert in use of police force has testified that a former Balch Springs officer used excessive force when he shot and killed a 15-year-old teen. The Shooting On April 29, 2017, police officers responded to a house party in Balch Springs, Texas, that was attended by high school aged teens. Officer Roy Oliver said […]