Administrative Agency Rejects Expert Testimony Concerning Metadata in Audio Recordings

Metadata (the electronically stored data in digital photographs and recordings) has become an increasingly important source of information for attorneys. Expert witnesses who understand metadata are frequently called upon to explain the hidden properties of digital data to courts and administrative agencies. An administrative appeal in New Jersey addressed metadata (or its absence) in audio […]

Expert Testifies That Weak Bones Could Have Caused Death

A pediatric forensic pathologist has testified that weak bones was a likely cause of death in the case of a man who is accused of killing his 6-week-old son. The Death On December 18, 2016, the El Dorado County sheriff’s department responded to a call requesting medical aid for an infant.  A six-week-old Samuel Swope […]

Expert Attacked for Opinions Unrelated to His Field of Expertise

The extent to which an expert witness’ controversial beliefs may be used to impeach the expert, when the beliefs are unrelated to the expert’s testimony, was spotlighted in a ProPublica report concerning Dr. David Ayoub. Dr. Ayoub is a radiologist who often testifies as an expert in child abuse cases. Credibility Attacked Dr. Ayoub’s credibility […]

Judge Approves Forensic Witness in Cold Case Killing

A judge has approved a forensic consultant as an expert witness in the case of a Wisconsin man that is accused of killing his wife in 1982. The Crime On April 28, 1982, the body of 33-year-old Barbara Mendez was found at the Park City Credit Union where she worked. Barbara’s body was found bludgeoned […]

Defendant’s Own Expert Damages His Case

Justice Scales

A murder defendant’s case was damaged by the testimony of his own expert witness. The Crime On November 16, 2015, Edith “Edie” Black-Scherer was found on the floor with a pillow wedged between the bedframe and her face.  Black-Scherer is believed to have been killed by the ligature made with the drawstring of her sweatshirt, […]

Forensic DNA Scientist Links Evidence to Accused Murderer

Dna Forensic

A forensic DNA scientist has linked several pieces of evidence to an accused murderer who is standing trial for the beating, stabbing, and strangling of a Temple University student. The Murder On September 2, 2017, George Stabilito had breakfast with his wife and then went to her property eight miles away to check on her […]

Expert Contradicted by Own Email

Power Plant

An expert witness has been contradicted by his own email in a hearing before Rhode Island’s Energy Facilities Siting Board. Proposed Plant Invenergy Thermal Development LLC has proposed to build a $1 billion fracked gas and diesel oil-burning power plant in northwest Rhode Island. The proposal is currently before Rhode Island’s Energy Facilities Siting Board […]

FTC Experts Fail to Persuade Judge that DIRECTV Advertising Was Deceptive


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) relied on the testimony of two expert witnesses in bringing an unsuccessful claim of deceptive advertising against DIRECTV. The judge’s analysis of the expert testimony sheds light on how experts may need to design consumer surveys to satisfy federal judges. The FTC’s Claims Against DIRECTV The FTC sued DIRECTV to […]