Georgia Court Says No Conflict in Same Firm Expert Affidavit


The Georgia Court of Appeals has ruled that there is no conflict of interest in using an expert affidavit supporting a complaint written by an attorney who is also a law partner of the filing attorney. The Personal Injury Case Plaintiff David Mitchell retained attorney Randall Cade Parian of Parrian Injury Law, LLC to represent […]

Lawyer Allowed to Testify as Expert Witness in Fraud Prosecution

Lawyers (some more than others) are experts in the law, but they rarely testify as expert witnesses. Legal malpractice cases, in which expert testimony is needed to establish a lawyer’s standard of care, provide one of the few opportunities for a lawyer to testify as an expert. But lawyers in malpractice cases do not explain […]

No Expert Required to Admit Lidar Results in Ohio Speeding Cases

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With little analysis, state courts have routinely held that common scientific instruments used by law enforcement agencies should be presumed accurate and that their results should be admissible without expert testimony. For example, Wisconsin’s appellate courts have firmly followed the holding that “tests by recognized methods need not be proved for reliability in every case […]

PAM Spray Defect Case Tossed Out for Lack of Admissible Expert Evidence

The Eastern District of New York has dismissed claims against the makers of PAM cooking spray after the plaintiffs failed to present admissible expert witness testimony. The Incident In August 2016, Lucita Arena was in her kitchen preparing dinner when a nearby can of PAM cooking spray exploded and injured her. Lucita and her husband […]

Missouri Appeals Court Throws Out Sanctions Against Expert Witness


The Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District has thrown out sanctions against a plaintiff’s expert witness, ruling that he did not act unethically in negotiating a settlement with another law firm. District Court Case Attorney Gregory Leyh and the law firm Millsap & Singer have been litigating against each other for years. Leyh has represented […]

Court Excludes Expert Report in Antitrust Case


The State of Kentucky sued Marathon Petroleum and related parties for violating antitrust laws. Kentucky claimed that Marathon’s anticompetitive practices caused consumers to be overcharged. Marathon asked the court to exclude the testimony of Kentucky’s expert economist. The court granted that motion and, since Kentucky could not prevail without the expert’s testimony, dismissed the case. […]

Court Allows Expert to Testify that Advertising Was Not Misleading

Lender Liability

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued Lending Club for violating federal laws that prohibit deceptive or unfair business practices. A federal judge recently decided several motions in the case, including the FTC’s Daubert motion to exclude the testimony of Lending Club’s expert witness. Facts of the Case Lending Club is not itself a lender. Rather, […]

Expert Testimony Required to Prove Breach of Fiduciary Duty by Lawyers

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State courts are in general agreement that plaintiffs who sue for professional malpractice must present expert testimony to establish the applicable standard of care and the professional’s breach of that standard. While most of the litigation establishing that rule has involved claims of medical malpractice, the rule typically applies to claims of professional negligence by […]

Arkansas Allows Chiropractor to Provide Expert Opinion About the Need for Surgery

The insurance industry has long disparaged the testimony of chiropractors in personal injury cases. Courts nevertheless agree that chiropractors may give expert testimony about the cause of injuries for which they provide chiropractic treatment as well as the necessity of that treatment. Courts are less likely to agree whether chiropractors are qualified to testify about […]