Florida’s New Daubert Rule Leads to Reversal of Conviction


The State of Florida charged Jabari Kemp with vehicular manslaughter, alleging that his reckless driving caused the deaths of five people. While Kemp’s postconviction proceedings were pending, the Florida Supreme Court adopted the Daubert standard for the evaluation of expert testimony. Applying the Daubert standard, the Florida Court of Appeals reversed the conviction and remanded […]

California Judge to Hold Daubert Hearing in Ford Defective Transmissions Suit

Stick Shift Manual Transmission

A California district court judge has denied a motion for summary judgment in a Ford defective transmissions lawsuit and will hold a Daubert hearing to determine the reliability of the plaintiff’s automotive technician expert. The Defective Transmission Lawsuits Dozens of plaintiffs filed separate lawsuits against Ford Motor Company, alleging that the power shift transmissions in […]

J&J Undercuts Testimony of Plaintiff’s Star Witness in Ongoing Asbestos Trial

Baby powder

The defense team for Johnson & Johnson attempted to undercut the testimony of the plaintiff’s expert witness; however, Dr. William Longo maintained his position.  The Asbestos Controversy Johnson & Johnson is currently on trial to determine if its baby powder, which was allegedly tainted with asbestos, caused Carolyn Weirick to develop mesothelioma.  Mesothelioma is a […]

Every Expert Witness Should Be Challenged with Another Expert Witness


Recent news stories alleging mistakes by “celebrity” forensic scientist Henry Lee should serve as an important lesson for criminal defense attorneys. No matter how strong the prosecution’s forensic evidence appears to be, a defense lawyer should never accept it at face value. Lee’s reputation took a hit after DNA evidence suggested the innocence of a […]

AICPA’s New Standard Expected to Boost CPA Expert Credibility


The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has issued a new forensic accounting standard that is expected to give CPAs a credibility boost when they serve as expert witnesses at trials. Role of the AICPA The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) is the world’s largest member association for the accounting profession. The organization was founded in […]

Conviction Overturned Because of Expert Therapist’s Testimony

Court room

A South Carolina man’s conviction for criminal sexual conduct with a minor has been reversed by the South Carolina Court of Appeals because the court found that the child’s therapist improperly vouched for the alleged victim’s testimony by testifying as both a lay witness and an expert witness. The Alleged Crime In 2015, training specialists […]