Florida State Attorney Releases “Brady Alert List”

Florida Computer Expert Arrested for Lying About Credentials Under Oath

Orange-Osceola, Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala has released a new database that identifies experts that have credibility issues. This database is called the “Brady Alert List.” Ayala created this database to have a centralized list of witnesses who appear in court on a recurring basis and who have engaged in criminal behavior, misconduct, or dishonesty. […]

How to Conduct an Online Deposition of an Expert Witness

Zoom Meeting

Social distancing makes cramming at least four (deposing attorney; other side’s attorney; expert witness; court reporter) and often more people into a conference room for hours on end inadvisable, even when it’s legal (i.e. when your state’s executive orders aren’t outright banning having so many unrelated persons in a room together). We don’t know how […]

No Expert Needed for Improper Morphine Injection Claim in Nevada

The Nevada Supreme Court has ruled that the “common knowledge” exception to the affidavit requirement for professional negligence claims against a health care provider can be applied to determine whether a claim constituted negligence. The Accidental Death Mary Curtis was a resident at Life Care Center of Las Vegas nursing home. Life Care Center was […]

Court Requires Disclosure of Memorandum Discussing Expert’s Methodology

Choosing the Right Expert Means Asking the Right Questions

In most cases, a retained expert must prepare a report that states the expert’s opinions, as well as the facts and reasoning that supports those opinions. Yet expert reports do not appear out of the blue. Experts may labor over the report for weeks, treating them as works in progress that evolve over time. The […]

Georgia Court Says No Conflict in Same Firm Expert Affidavit


The Georgia Court of Appeals has ruled that there is no conflict of interest in using an expert affidavit supporting a complaint written by an attorney who is also a law partner of the filing attorney. The Personal Injury Case Plaintiff David Mitchell retained attorney Randall Cade Parian of Parrian Injury Law, LLC to represent […]

Lawyer Allowed to Testify as Expert Witness in Fraud Prosecution

Lawyers (some more than others) are experts in the law, but they rarely testify as expert witnesses. Legal malpractice cases, in which expert testimony is needed to establish a lawyer’s standard of care, provide one of the few opportunities for a lawyer to testify as an expert. But lawyers in malpractice cases do not explain […]

No Expert Required to Admit Lidar Results in Ohio Speeding Cases

Ohio wooden Mallet

With little analysis, state courts have routinely held that common scientific instruments used by law enforcement agencies should be presumed accurate and that their results should be admissible without expert testimony. For example, Wisconsin’s appellate courts have firmly followed the holding that “tests by recognized methods need not be proved for reliability in every case […]