Forensic Psychiatrist Testifies in Cosby Retrial

Bill Cosby

A forensic psychiatrist has offered testimony in the retrial of Bill Cosby. Cosby, 80, is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. In Cosby’s first trial, the jury was unable to reach a verdict following almost 60 hours of deliberations. The result was a mistrial. Constand claims that Cosby gave her pills […]

Lethal Force Expert Testifies Police Acted Reasonably in Shooting


An expert on police training and lethal force has testified that two police officers acted reasonably during a 2013 shooting of a mentally ill man in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Shooting According to testimony, in January 2013, 55-year-old Spencer Mims III was uncharacteristically upset about the loss of his favorite football team in the NFL […]

Gun Expert Testifies in McIver Murder Trial


A GBI weapons expert offered testimony on gun dynamics in the murder trial of Tex McIver, the prominent Atlanta attorney who is charged with the murder of his wife Diane. The Shooting In September 2016, Tex and Diane McIver were returning home from their country ranch to their Atlanta condo with their friend Dani Jo […]

Prosecutor Seeks to Discredit Experts in Nanny Trial

Murder, Bloody knife

The lead prosecutor in the murder trial of Yoselyn Ortega sought to discredit two expert witnesses who testified on behalf of the nanny who is accused of killing two children who were in her care. The Crime Yoselyn Ortega, 55, is accused of killing Lulu and Leo Krim, ages six and two years old on […]

ACLU Lawyer Questions Testimony of Voting Fraud Expert

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An attorney for the ACLU has questioned the credibility and qualifications of the voting fraud expert called to testify in the suit against Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Kobach is being sued by several Kansas residents who were not allowed to vote because of a Kansas law that requires proof of citizenship. According to […]

Forensic Pathologist Opines Death Caused By Heroin Not Physical Trauma


A prominent forensic pathologist has testified that the death of Jeffrey Brooks was caused by heroin use, not physical trauma. The Assault In 2013, Nick Masley invited Jeffrey Brooks and his cousin Kayla Ellis to a residence. Authorities claim that Masley lured Brooks there to beat him up for getting his cousin addicted to heroin. […]

Michigan Court of Appeals Approves Mechanic’s Expert Testimony


A defense challenge to the use of a mechanic as an expert witness to discredit the defendant’s claim that his brake line failed was rejected by the Michigan Court of Appeals. The court held that the mechanic’s testimony satisfied Michigan’s version of the Daubert standard. Facts of the Case Dalton Carll was 17 and a […]

Expert Testifies That Coolers Made Conditions Worse in Nursing Home

Empty Hall

An air-conditioning engineer has testified that the portable air conditioning units in a Florida nursing home where twelve elderly patients died of overheating made the conditions worse. The Deaths The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills is a 150-patient facility that lost its main air conditioning system during Hurricane Irma. The system was knocked out on […]

Judge Allows Expert Testimony in Carnival Cruise Lines Negligence Case


A federal judge has ruled that two expert witnesses for the plaintiff will be allowed to testify in a negligence lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines and its partners. The Incident In 2015, David Carideo was on an electronic music themed “Groove Cruise” run by Carnival Cruise Lines and Whet Travel Inc. During this cruise, alcohol […]

No Error in Massachusetts Court’s Expert Witness Rulings Regarding Insanity Defense

Massachusetts Law

Christopher Piantedosi was found guilty of first degree murder after stabbing his girlfriend to death. Piantedosi admitted killing the victim. He rested his defense on the contention that antidepressants caused involuntary intoxication that negated criminal responsibility for the crime. Piantedosi challenged his conviction on appeal, arguing that the trial court erred by excluding the testimony […]