GEICO Expert Cleared to Testify in Insurance Fraud Case

A GEICO expert has been cleared to testify in an insurance fraud case where a physician has been accused of improperly certifying certain healthcare services for payment. The Alleged False Statements Dr. Luis Mas is a family medicine specialist with a practice in Coral Gables, Florida. Government Employees Insurance Co., GEICO Indemnity Co., GEICO General […]

NRA Files Motion to Exclude “Mouse Brain” Expert

The NRA has filed a motion to exclude a developmental neuroscience expert in a gun rights suit, arguing that the expert on “mouse brains” is not qualified to offer testimony in this case. The Lawsuit The National Rifle Association (“NRA”) filed a lawsuit against Pam Bondi, the Attorney General of Florida, and Rick Swearingen, Commissioner […]

Court Relies on Expert Witnesses in Affirming Dismissal of Challenge to Harvard Affirmative Action Policy


The controversy surrounding university admissions policies that consider race has been fueled by lawsuits alleging that the policies discriminate against Asians. In a recent appellate victory for Harvard, the court considered competing expert witness testimony in ruling that Harvard’s admissions policy did not violate the law. Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) sued Harvard University, alleging […]

Woman Allowed to Present Expert Testimony to Overturn Shaken Baby Conviction

Prison, Barbed Wire

A Mississippi woman who pleaded guilty in 2007 to shaking an infant to death will be allowed a hearing to argue that her life sentence should be overturned. The Infant’s Death On July 18, 2005, Amy Wilkerson was 29-years-old when she was caring for an 8-week infant child, Tristan Chinn.  At 2 pm on that […]

Texas Court Reinstates Sexual Assault Conviction After Dismissing Expert Witness Objections

Court Dismisses Expert Witness Lawsuit Against Professional Association

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has reinstated the sexual assault conviction of former Baylor University football player Sam Ukwuachu after dismissing claims that defense witnesses had been improperly impeached by false evidence. The Crime In October 2013, a female Baylor University student-athlete alleged that Sam Ukwuachu raped her at his Waco apartment. The victim […]