Experts Overstating Forensic Results A Leading Cause of Wrongful Convictions

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The National Registry of Exonerations recently released its report on Exonerations in 2018. Importantly, it found that official misconduct and misleading forensic evidence were the leading causes of wrongful convictions. 2018 Statistics on Wrongful Convictions There were 151 exonerations that occurred in the United States in 2018. The exonerations were for the following crimes: 66 […]

Parties to Settle Matter of Expert Sanctions for Refusal to be Videotaped


A prominent New Jersey construction expert witness has reached a settlement that will vacate the court order that would have required him to pay over $22,000 for his refusal to be videotaped during a deposition.  The Refusal to Be Videotaped Michael Panish was retained as a critical liability expert by the Ruehl family after Mrs. […]

Controversial Taser Expert Accused of Having Conflict of Interest

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An ideal expert witness is neutral. A neutral expert has no financial ties to either party in a dispute, apart from being retained to provide an expert opinion. Since they have no financial interest in the outcome of a court case, juries generally regard neutral experts as more credible than experts who have a financial […]

Texas Court Allows Expert Physician to Testify in Nursing Home Malpractice Case

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Chester Nugent died from a combination of sepsis, sacral decubitus, and malnutrition. Sepsis is a condition caused by the body’s response to an infection. In Nugent’s case, the infection was caused by a bedsore. Sacral decubitus refers to an ulcer, including a bedsore, near the spine in the lower back. Three days after undergoing hip […]

Multiple Expert Witnesses Testify in Russ Murder Trial

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A medical examiner, a toxicologist, and multiple law enforcement officers have testified in the murder trial of Michael Isaac Russ. The Killing On December 22, 2017, Larry Wayne Campbell, 27, of Denton, North Carolina, was shot and killed in a parking lot outside of a barbecue restaurant.  According to the Randolph County Sheriff’s Offices, Campbell […]

When Can an Expert Testify Against a Former Client?

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What happens when a party retains an expert witness who has worked for the opposing party in the past? Does the expert have a conflict of interest that precludes the expert from testifying against the former employer? The answer depends on the circumstances, as a fraud prosecution in Utah illustrates. Fraud Allegations Wendell and Allen […]

Expert Testimony Does Not Entitle LG to Summary Judgment for Exploding Battery


Katrina Williams purchased an LG lithium battery from Vape Easy, which purchased it from Madvapes. After the battery exploded in her pocket, Williams sued LG, Mad Vapes, and Vape Easy in a New York (Queens County) court for her injuries. The defendants filed summary judgment motions seeking their dismissal from the lawsuit. LG supported its motion […]

Insufficient Expert Report Results in Summary Judgment in Legal Malpractice Lawsuit

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Dale Phillips, an attorney in Kentucky, provided title opinions to EQT Production Company concerning its oil interests in certain land. EQT sold its oil and gas rights in 14 Kentucky oil fields to Journey Acquisition II. The rights were conveyed by leasing the properties to Journey using Oil and Gas Leases and by assigning other […]

Oxygen TV Investigation Finds Evidence of Sexual Assault

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An investigation conducted in preparation for an Oxygen TV special revealed that there was evidence of sexual assault in a death that had been previously ruled a suicide. The Death On July 13, 2011, authorities found the body of 32-year-old Rebecca Zahau naked and tied with rope at the Spreckels Mansion, where she lived with […]