Expert Economists Testify in Harvard Admissions Trial

Harvard Library

Expert economists are offering testimony in the trial of Harvard University as it defends itself against allegations that its admissions quotas discriminate against Asian Americans. The Lawsuit Students for Fair Admissions, or SFFA, sued Harvard University in federal district court, alleging that the university set admission criteria that discriminated against Asian American students. SFFA is […]

$1.5 Million Verdict Attributed to Excessive Expert Witness Payments

A Florida jury has ruled in favor of a plaintiff who filed a suit against his insurance company to receive what he believed to be the full amount owed to him under his policy. The plaintiff believes that the $1.5 million jury verdict in his favor is attributable to the insurance company’s hiding its excessive […]

Expert Witness Opines in Toplessness Trial

Woman legs walking on the beach sand

In Ocean City, Maryland, a legal battle is being fought over a woman’s right to bare her breasts on the beach. The controversy began when Chelsea Eline (formerly Covington) wrote to the Worcester County State’s Attorney for a legal opinion regarding female toplessness in public areas in the state. Ocean City then passed an emergency […]

Expert on Postpartum Depression to Provide Defense Testimony in Baby Murder Trial


The defense team of a man on trial for the murder of his infant son has announced that they plan to call an expert on postpartum depression to testify on the man’s behalf. The Death In August 30, 2017, 4-month-old Sterling Koehn was found dead in his baby swing by Chickasaw County sheriff’s deputies after his […]

Florida Supreme Court Rejects Daubert— Again

Florida Computer Expert Arrested for Lying About Credentials Under Oath

As ExpertPages reported last year, the Florida Supreme Court declined to adopt the Daubert standard of expert witness admissibility after the Florida legislature added it to the state Evidence Code. The Florida Supreme Court has the power to determine procedural rules that govern Florida’s court system and can reject legislation that invades that domain. The […]

Appellate Court Concludes Cardiologist Was Qualified to Testify About General Practitioner’s Standard of Care


Dr. Melissa Sotillo is board certified in obstetrics/gynecology (OB/GYN). She prescribed Cytomel to a patient for weight loss management after the patient’s weight loss plateaued. Prior to taking Cytomel, the patient had been taking phendimetrazine that Dr. Sotillo also prescribed. When she prescribed Cytomel, Dr. Sotillo followed the recommendations of a software program known as […]

Expert Testifies Police Killer May Be Linked to Extremist Group

Florida Computer Expert Arrested for Lying About Credentials Under Oath

An expert has testified that a man who is on trial for fatally shooting two Florida police officers may be tied to an extremist anti-government political group. The Shooting On August 18, 2017, Kissimmee Police Officer Matthew Baxter was on patrol when he approached three people to investigate a report of suspicious activity. One of […]

Circumcision Expert Testifies in Medical Malpractice Trial

Newborn Baby

A circumcision expert provided key testimony in the trial of a midwife who cut off part of a baby’s penis. The Botched Circumcision In October 2013, Certified Nurse Midwife Melissa Jones performed a circumcision on the 18-day-old son of Stacie Willis, who is known as Baby D. During the circumcision, the child’s penis was caught […]